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The Center for Therapy & Counseling Services is committed to helping people meet life's challenges. We can make a difference in your life! Whether you are looking for therapy, career help, a coach, consultation, a group, or an evaluation, we will work with you to find the best solution for you and/or your family.

We have a long history of success and our goal is to help you address challenges in your life and to work closely with you to seek and find wellness.

We are proud to offer day, evening, weekend and online appointments to accommodate busy schedules.

While The Center for Therapy & Counseling Services works with a wide variety of clients, we know that every individual or family and situation is unique.

Individual, Couple and Family Therapy - Teletherapy Available

We believe that people who seek therapy have the courage to face life's challenges and the strength to seek assistance. We provide therapy in a safe, professional and confidential setting. By combining extensive experience and creative techniques, our therapists provide specialized, high quality treatment of various emotional, behavioral and relationship issues.

Co - therapy is a kind of psychotherapy conducted with more than one therapist present. You have the option available to work with two therapists in the room with you.

Psychiatric Evaluation

The first step to successful treatment is an accurate diagnosis. Your first appointment will be about 60 minutes in duration. The psychiatric evaluation's purpose is to help Alison DeLuca, MD gain an understanding of your needs, begin a differential diagnostic process and formulate a treatment plan. Dr. DeLuca will share her impression, differential diagnosis, any additional required diagnostic testing and available treatments.

An appointment with Dr. DeLuca guarantees time with the doctor; it does not guarantee prescribing of specific or requested medications, treatments, or writing of letters.

Dr. DeLuca is accepting new patients.

Dr. DeLuca is out-of-network with government and private insurance companies. If you plan to utilize your out-of-network insurance benefits you may do so at your discretion and submit claims for reimbursement to your insurance company. If you plan to submit claims to your insurance company for reimbursement you are responsible for understanding your plan benefits and rates of reimbursement. We will provide you with itemized invoices which can be submitted to your insurance company.

Payment is expected at time of service. A credit card must be kept on file. If appointments are missed or less than 24-hours notice is given for a cancellation you will be charged the full appointment fee.

All appointments with Dr. DeLuca are conducted over telepsychiatry.

Medication Management

The best outcomes are when an individual can benefit from both psychotherapy and medication management. Medication can help reduce the burden of symptoms. Alison DeLuca, MD is a physician and expert in medication management. Our practice is equipped with electronic prescribing. The prescription will be sent electronically to your pharmacy of choice.

Medication management appointments are approximately 20 minutes; designed for you and Dr. DeLuca to evaluate how you are responding to your current medication(s). The length of time between medication management appointments can vary from one week to three months depending on the stability of your illness and the particular medications you are taking.

Dr. DeLuca is accepting new patients.

Dr. DeLuca is out-of-network with government and private insurance companies. If you plan to utilize your out-of-network insurance benefits you may do so at your discretion and submit claims for reimbursement to your insurance company. If you plan to submit claims to your insurance company for reimbursement you are responsible for understanding your plan benefits and rates of reimbursement. We will provide you with itemized invoices which can be submitted to your insurance company.

Payment is expected at time of service. A credit card must be kept on file. If appointments are missed or less than 24-hours notice is given for a cancellation you will be charged the full appointment fee.

All appointments with Dr. DeLuca are conducted over telepsychiatry.

Individual Mindfulness Consultation - Available Online

Mindfulness helps people to:

  • Cope with or reduce symptoms related to anxiety and depression
  • Manage physical discomfort, symptoms related to illness, or the manifestations of stress in the body.
  • Calm the mind, as staying attuned to the present moment has a self-regulating effect.
  • Open themselves to the totality of experience rather than numbing themselves to day-to-day experiences in an effort to cope.
  • Make decisions by going inward and allowing the collective wisdom of body and mind to inform them about potential actions that are needed.
  • Feel instead of using defenses as an avoidance technique.
  • Connect with others in a meaningful, available manner.

Individual Mindfulness Consultation
2 - 3 session intervention offered as an adjunct to therapy or as a stand alone service. Clients will meet individually with Linda Bender-Schwartz, LCSW, Certified Meditation and Mindfulness teacher, and will have the opportunity to learn about the benefits of mindfulness for symptom reduction and overall psychological well-being; to learn basic mindfulness skills; and to develop a customized mindfulness plan.

Support Groups -Held Online

Our virtual support groups are accessible and free. Support Groups are open to people located anywhere in the United States.

What are the benefits of participating in a support group?
  • Share openly in a nonjudgmental space to help combat feelings of loneliness and isolation.
  • Develop skills to cope with various challenges.
  • Motivate each other to remain positive.
  • Reduce distress, anxiety and depression.
  • Discuss the unique factors contributing to your current stressors.

Current Support Groups

Registration is required for all groups- Call 732-254-0600

Men's Support Group 
Mondays 6:30-8:00 PM (ET)

Join this professionally-led group to get support and learn new ways to be – socially, personally, professionally and in relation to others. It’s a safe place to try out new behaviors such as being more assertive, relaxed, or confident. 

Teen Girls Support Group
Thursdays 7:00-8:00 PM (ET)

For Girls Between the Ages of 14 - 18

This weekly support group provides a space for girls to explore a wide range of issues that impact their daily lives. Girls will have the chance to talk about body image, self-esteem, strengths, and daily lived realities in a safe environment.

The Girls Support Group will nurture a positive identity and support healthy self-expression. Group also provides a decision-making model and valuable life skills. Teens will improve emotional regulation, mindfulness, boundary setting, validation, coping, communication and goal setting skills. 

LGBTQ+ Young Adult Support Group
Thursdays 6:30-7:30 PM (ET)

This new support group welcomes all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer young adults, ages 18-26. 

The goals of this group are to create a safe, comfortable place to express feelings, exploration of self through group process and reflection, enhancing sense of self through awareness and acceptance, and to support and be supported. 

This Support Group is a place where sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression can intersect to be embraced, affirmed and celebrated. 

Call (732)254-0600
or Email [email protected]

Interpersonal Therapy Groups

Group therapy helps undo the sense of aloneness that many of us experience. As we make our way through life, we often have a sense of aloneness that accompanies us. Group therapy can accelerate undoing this sense of aloneness and speed up feeling a greater sense of connection with others in the group and out of group as well. Most of what we experience in life, whether it’s what we feel, think, do or have happen in our lives is not completely unique. While we are all unique in our own ways, we share many experiences, thoughts and feelings that others have as well. An Interpersonal Therapy Group can help you better understand yourself and your relationships, and offers a safe space in which you can try out new ways of relating. 

Group therapy reduces shame. Sharing a space with people who are having similar experiences, feelings or struggles not only reduces that sense of aloneness but in turn, also reduces a sense of shame that many carry with them throughout life.

Group therapy creates hope. We not only see our own progress, but we get to witness others grow and progress as well which demonstrates to us that the same is possible for us. It’s often easier to see other’s growth before seeing our own.

Group therapy increases self-awareness. Through listening to other group members share their inner process, thoughts and feelings, you develop a greater level of self-awareness for yourself.

Each group costs $25 per group session.  All participants must be fully vaccinated.

Call Now to register: (732)254-0600

Transgender Interpersonal Therapy Group

Transgender Interpersonal Therapy Group

This new Transgender Interpersonal Therapy Group is for Trans people between the ages of 16 - 24. This group meets weekly in our East Brunswick, New Jersey office. All participants must be fully vaccinated. The cost is $25/group session.

Group therapy helps people feel more “normal”. It can help normalize many feelings and thoughts that people have but don’t share with others and that they may not hear others sharing at work or in social situations.   

Group therapy can help to undo the sense of aloneness that many people experience. Call Now (732)254-0600

Addiction Counseling and Evaluation

People with alcohol or drug dependence problems can and do recover.

Alcoholism, drug dependence, and other addictions are complex problems. Addiction can affect anyone: rich or poor, any gender, employed or unemployed, young or old, and any race or ethnicity.

We can help you learn the skills and strategies needed to regain control of your life and begin repairing some of the damage done. Counseling plays an important role in addiction recovery.

Substance use evaluations are available with recommendations if necessary. The substance use assessment will determine whether or not education or treatment is recommended. Whether you are going through the court/legal system, employer, or just addressing substance use concerns of your own, a substance use evaluation is a great starting point to help you decide your next steps, set goals, and determine your future.

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Nutrition, Health & Wellness Coaching

A Nutrition, Health & Wellness coach, is a supportive guide who helps clients set health goals, whether to lose weight, improve energy, better manage stress, and much more. In addition to being a mentor who holds clients accountable, nutrition, health & wellness coaches are vital members of the greater healthcare team, bridging the gap between traditional healthcare and enacting sustainable and positive behavioral lifestyle changes.

The foods we consume on a daily basis can have significant impact on mood, emotions, physical and mental health. Nutrition, Health & Wellness Coaching can help improve many conditions that affect mental and physical health.

The Center's Nutrition, Health & Wellness Coaching is currently being offered by Kristy Baranovskis who joins our team of psychiatrists, counselors, coaches and therapists. Kristy is a certified health coach who will partner with clients in improving their overall health, meeting their nutritional needs and goals through health & wellness coaching, behavior modification, and development of effective skills and strategies. She teaches clients how to properly fuel their bodies to increase their energy, decrease medical symptoms and live their best life!

Kristy is passionate about helping people improve their relationship with food while improving their overall physical, emotional and psychological health. She believes that nutrition, health & wellness coaching and education needs to be individualized to each person’s needs. Healthy eating means something different to each person, and she wants to partner with you to help you reach those goals.

To schedule an appointment, call the Center at (732)254-0600.

Career Coaching - Available Online

We help you determine where you are now, where you want to go, and the right path to get you there.

We help you identify who you are, your purpose and your best career fit.

Our comprehensive assessment and insightful coaching help you gain the clarity and confidence required to push through barriers and accomplish your short and long-range goals.


In order to move forward, you must take a few steps back and reflect on who you are now and determine where you want to go. This includes an in-depth analysis of personality style, key interests values and strengths.

Need an objective voice to discuss your career challenges and goals? We help you gain a fresh perspective and insight that will leave you with greater clarity and feeling more empowered.

Every interview counts. We help you prepare by offering valuable feedback that you will not necessarily get from anyone else.

Parent Consultation - Available Online

We can help you find a better approach when facing the common parenting obstacles of everyday life. At the end of each Parent Consultation session (approximately 2 - 6 sessions), you will have useful information and strategies that are immediately helpful in addressing your concerns. Parent Consultation is offered to parents/caregivers of children who are any age.

We will work together with you to figure out solutions that are realistically doable and work effectively within your family. Parent consultations are available to parents/caregivers anywhere in the United States of America.

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Drop-In Counseling - Available Online

Drop-In counseling sessions are either 30-minutes or 60-minutes long and are confidential. Available via telephone or video. To schedule, click this link and choose your counselor! 

Please note, drop-in counseling is not a substitute for therapy or psychiatric care.

Center Talkline - (908) 441-8871

If you need someone to talk to, we listen. We won't judge.

Call us any day between 3-11 PM (ET). Whatever you are going through, you can call us.

The Center Talkline is for people who are dealing with every kind of problem, situation, illness, trauma, or loss and want someone to talk to. This includes being overwhelmed or isolated; experiencing depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, a loss, chronic or terminal illness, or substance abuse; being a victim of violence, sexual assault, or bullying; dealing with issues tied to sexual identity, unemployment, or break-up of a relationship, etc.

Sometimes you may need just to talk, or hear a kind voice. We're here. You deserve to be heard. You deserve respect, support, and acceptance.

The Center Talkline does not provide diagnostic assessment, medication management, or psychotherapy.

If you are experiencing a mental health emergency or have thoughts or killing yourself, please call 911, go to the nearest emergency room or call 1-800-273-8255 in the United States to reach a 24-hour crisis center.

Teletherapy - Online Video Therapy
Online Video Therapy provides flexibility for clients to interact with our therapists in the privacy of their homes or offices, at times that are mutually convenient.

No travel and no waiting rooms. Research suggests that online therapy is just as effective as face-to-face visits.

Walk and Talk Therapy

It's Time To Get Outside and Take a Walk!

Rather than being enclosed in an office space, this therapy session takes place outside while we walk.

Naturally, exercise creates endorphins, those feel-good hormones. So if you are experiencing depression or grief, just being outside can help improve your emotional and mental state. And then adding the therapy on top of that can help you.

These therapy sessions are conducted outdoors while walking in a park, and somehow the simple act of walking while talking out life's issues, creates an environment of possibility and change.

Besides exercise's proven ability to combat depression, anxiety, insomnia, weight gain and other health and mental health conditions, combining it with therapy has benefits of its own. It can provide a bridge to help you actualize your exercise resolutions and ease rapport.

Available in the following towns:

East Brunswick
New Brunswick
North Brunswick
Perth Amboy
South River

**Other locations are possible

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In a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, The Center for Therapy & Counseling Services offers a highly personalized approach tailored to each of our clients needs.

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